A Question on the QC Publication Frequency (TaskRunner.cxx)

From my understanding, it appears that the code TaskRunner.cxx under the Framework always publish histogram to the CCDB every fixed amount of time. But we want a more flexible publication of histograms. For instance, I modify TaskRunner.cxx to make it publish histogram (empty) when there is a new run injected and always publish histogram when one file has finished processing. In addition, I will stop publishing new histograms when all files in the run are processed with no new injected. So I wonder if your TaskRunner.cxx can do this? We eventually plan to make a pull request to merge our QC codes to the official QC repository.

Also, for the CCDB, I believe currently we save 1 version per 60 minutes. Is that right?

@bvonhall @pkonopka Do you have any suggestion?

A QC task starts publishing histograms when there is a start of activity (i.e. a run when we get started by the ECS) and will publish a new version every cycle whose duration is defined in the config file (attribute cycleDurationSeconds). The histogram is published “as is” , i.e. empty if it was not filled.

The way you are using the QC is very particular and rather a result of immature technologies (QC, DPL, ITS specific code). As discussed some time ago, the ITS DPL chain we are discussing should ultimately look like :
Readout|File -> Digitizer -> Data Sampling -> QC Task -> QC Checker -> Repository
In such a chain, I am unable so far to understand how the proposed change fits. I would have time next week to discuss it directly which might help me understand the purpose. For example on Monday afternoon.

Hi @bvonhall, I guess we should schedule a time for discussion. Markus is away for the next week too.