aliBuild O2 fails on Ubuntu 18.04 during Python-modules

(Thomas Klemenz) #1

Dear experts,

I am trying to build O2 on Ubuntu 18.04. After following the steps in Dario Berzano’s online guide, aliBuild tries to build Python-modules but fails with the error

FATAL: problems importing the following Python modules

  • keras
  • tensorflow

I already tried to manually install all the modules that are set as PIP_REQUIREMENTS using "pip3 install --user " but this also does not help. I guess my system is just missing some packages but I don’t know which.

The aliDoctor output and the Python-modules-latest log are in the cernbox.

Thank you very much for your help!


(Giulio Eulisse) #2


It looks like your machine does not support AVX instructions, which are enabled by default in the precompiled binaries for tensorflow. Given AVX is available on any (reasonable) CPU after 2011, I guess that’s a sensible choice. Do you happen to know what CPU you are using? Is it by chance a Celeron?

Unless you really need tensorflow and keras, I would simply comment out the packages from the recipe.

(Thomas Klemenz) #3


my CPU is a Intel Core i7.

I think for now it is sufficient to not use those packages. With this workaround python-modules was built successfully.

Thank you!