Alidist with O2 and AliPhysics in parallel

Dear all,
I am using O2 and AliPhysics (with Root6) in parallel. O2 is build with --defaults o2, AliPhysics with --defaults root6

Since the switch to the latest root version v6-14-00, however, every time I recompile one of the both packages with aliBuild, root6 is built from scratch, as the dependencies seem to be slightly different.
What would be the most easy solution for this problem?
Note that I need AliEn to interact with the Grid, so compiling AliPhysics with the o2 defaults does not work for me.
Many thanks & best,

What is missing in your configuration is explicitly using -z something for AliRoot and -z something_else for O2 I guess. Note that that’s what I do all the time and it works for me. In my working directory, say ~/alice, I have:


and I compile with:

aliBuild build AliPhysics --defaults user -z aliroot5
aliBuild build AliPhysics --defaults user-root6 -z aliroot6
aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2 -z o2

I believe we should probably mention O2 explicitly in the manual.

And this does not work either.