Browsing older objects in the QCG

Dear experts,

I have a questions concerning the QCG.

Is it possible to somehow browse older objects in the QCG? E.g. have a histogram with the p-distribution saved for multiple runs and be able to browse through all runs in the QCG. If not: Can this browsing be implemented?

I think @bvonhall and @graduta are to ping here.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @tklemenz,

Thank you for your suggestion! This is something that we discussed among ourselves as well and thought about implementing.

Currently there is a JIRA Ticket opened regarding this feature ( but it was de-prioritized in favour of other requests. As you consider it to be useful we will reopen the discussion and look at ways of implementing it.

Have a nice day,

Hi @graduta,
very good, thank you for the information.

It would then also be important to have a feature to set something like a validity range for the objects in order to link them to the corresponding data they originate from. E.g. a data run is taken from a given start time to a given end time and the QC is ran a week later. Then it should be possible to link the QC output to the data run by setting its validity range from start to end time of the run.


HI @bvonhall,

Do you think Thomas’s suggestion is currently possible with what we store in CCDB?

Thank you


It is definitely possible but we have to change a few things in the framework. I presume that it is more or less what is described in this issue. I have increased its priority.