Building Clang fails - internal compiler error


I am trying to build clang, but I get an internal compiler error. I had the latest alidist version (updated 22.1.) and I am building on ubntu 18.04. Here are some of the log files from my tries:


Thanks for any help.

Are you building inside a container?

No, if by container you mean alidock.

How much memory do you have on the machine? Can you try building Clang with -j4?

I have 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 3GB of Swap on PCle SSD. I am trying to build with aliBuild build -j4 --defaults o2 Clang now.

Ok, so -j4 did the trick. Thank you. Does it mean I don’t have enough RAM or SWAP on the machine?

Newer versions of clang, like the one we use, have much larger memory requirements to compile, yes. So either you limit the number of parallel processes, or you buy more RAM.

Ok, thank you once more for the clarification and solution.