Cleaning up old versions of packages

Dear Dario, all,

I take the opportunity of this new tool to ask a question I was wondering since a while.

I am using alibuild on a CentOS 7 system to compile O2 software. Every time I update alidist it compiles new versions of some dependency package. As I am using it since a while, the old versions are becoming quite a lot and they are now taking too much space.

Is there a proper way (e.g. an alibuild option or a related command) to clean up the old versions of all packages while keeping only the latest version ? I once tried to clean them up by hand, but they are scattered in different places (under SOURCES, TARS, slc7_x86-64/) and in any case probably it is not the proper way to do this kind of housekeeping…

Really many thanks for any suggestion. My kindest regards


I think that one can run aliBuild clean to do so.

@eulisse can confirm.

Yes, I confirm you should probably use aliBuild clean.