Disable statbox in QCG in layouts

Dear experts,

is there a way to automatically disable the statbox in the QCG in layouts? We tried to use the stat checkbox in the layout configuration but it seems to not work. We can disable it manually via show statbox in the context menu, but after updating the page it reappears. It is a bit annoying i.e. in acceptance plots where the statbox covers part of the detector acceptance.

Thanks in advance!



Hi Markus,

instead of using the options on the layout, you also can pass options for histograms from within the QC tasks themselves. For the TPC, Thomas has written a small helper class, which you can find here:


This comes with several helpful little functions, the ones interesting for you are:

void helpers::setStyleHistogram2D(TH2& histo)
void helpers::setStyleHistogram2D(std::vector<TH2F>& histos)

First one sets some options for one 2D histogram, 2nd one calls the first for all 2D hists when giving them in a vector.

In the QC part, you just have to call this, e.g. look at


In the function void PID::initialize the helper is called and you get rid of the stat box:


Especially in cases, where you for sure do not want to have the stat box, this is a nice solution as you do not have to care, no matter in which layout the plot is used.