Do you like Discourse?

Yes, you can unwatch them, there’s a button at the very bottom of the thread :slight_smile:

Is there a way to preview the final layout of a text (like on github)?

It’s automatic, you see it on your right :slight_smile:

Didn’t see this in my case … because it was shadowed by another window. Thanks for the remark.

Sylvain @sy-c asked me questions about the notifications. It made me realize it was not very clear to me.

@dberzano do you know whether people receive notifications for every new topic ? (not desirable in my opinion)
Can people specify the labels or categories they want to receive notifications for ?

If you don’t know I will look into it myself.

By default users receive notifications for all categories, and for all new topics. Under User Settings > Notifications > Categories it is possible to select the categories of your interest.

For the moment we only have O2 and Meta, but the more categories we add, the more might become interesting for users to not watch automatically all topics.

I think that we will get complaints about that. It seems to be similar to what we discussed for the mailing lists. Many people do not want to receive, and are not interested, in others’ questions.

Now, I do not receive notifications for posts in the SFT forum so there should be a way to disable this behaviour by default. Or maybe users do not receive notifications for every new topic.

Yeah, although it’s quite counter intuitive that one needs to click on “tracking” to mute. +1 for the categories, by the way.

Seems also to lack threading in the GUI, albeit I did not check the emails…

I have disabled the option that made discourse send notifications for every new post to everyone. New users will not have this behaviour but current users have to disable it (if they wish). See here for instructions.

One can also follow a category : preferences -> notifications [subcategory categories] -> watch : specify a category.

There is a threading in the sense that a post can be a reply to someone else’s post. Or maybe I did not understand your remark. As it is GUI related maybe have a look with Dario who is sitting in front of you :slight_smile:

It tracks who you replied to, but it does not show it in any way in the GUI. Just look at this topic to understand what I mean. Every reply is flat in the web GUI.

I see.

There is a little icon at the top right of the post if you replied to a specific person/post :

Otherwise indeed there is no visual representation of the threading. I guess that you would end up with a big tree and this is why they did not do it ? not sure. We can look if there are plugins for that. a

As I have just done, even if Discourse thinks flat, one can always select the text she wants to reply to, and hit the Quote button that pops up :slight_smile: This does not solve Discourse’s flatness, but it might improve readability when several discussions cross each other.

The above image is what I get in my email box. Why do I get it twice?

From the logs I see the email was sent once only by Discourse:

My guess is that there was some temporary failure returned by the MTA, and then Discourse retried? Discourse logs don’t show any bounced email.

How do I turn off HTML emails? The white background is blinding me on Mojave Dark Mode…

Apparently the emails are multipart and your mail client should be able to default to plain text. Do you use apple mail ?

No, Spark, but neither allows me to use pick mime on a per sender basis, AFAICT. I do not want to switch HTML off completely just because one mailing list does not allow me to use plain text emails.

Oh, well, I will become blind and sue my employer about it… :wink:

See, there is always something good in every thing :smiley:

The setting I was referring to would default to use plain text if available and html otherwise. So not disabling it completely. But maybe it does not exist.