Handling DPL input header as Stack

I want to create a raw FairMQ message consisting of the full header stack which I receive in my DPL device (in a form of DataRef.header), so I can send forward all possible headers that might be in there.
Is it achievable with current Stack and/or BaseHeader API? I failed while trying to do that. It is indeed possible to find individual headers inside, but only with a prior knowledge of what to look for.

doesn’t header::get<HeaderName>(ref.header) work?

It does, but I would like to get them all and not restrain to header types which exist today. I suppose that getting the full size of DataRef.header would be just enough, since it would allow me to blindly copy it.

That’s more a question for Matthias or Mikolay, but it looks like they are not part of Discourse.

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