O2 build failing on Mojave


I’ve clean installed Mojave and get into an issue with :

aliBuild --defaults o2 build O2 --jobs 8 --debug

relevant (I think) part of log :

CMake Error at /Users/laurent/alice/sw/osx_x86-64/CMake/v3.11.0-1/share/cmake-3.11/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:137 (message):
Common could not be found. Install package Common or set Common_ROOT to
its root installation directory. (missing: COMMON_LIBRARY

The build badge for Mojave seems to be green at the moment, can you update alidist maybe? Note that the configuration of the test node is exactly the same as advertised here.

Please also note that - if you recently updated your Mac - you should:

  • Update Xcode
  • Update the developer tools
  • Update Homebrew
  • Restart your build from scratch (essentially by removing every subdir of sw except MIRROR)

If you have taken all the steps above, try to just get rid of the O2 build directory and start over:

rm -rf sw/BUILD/O2-latest/*

It was not an update but a clean install. So I was starting “fresh” (btw, was the test node upgraded or clean-installed ?)

I forgot to mention that before the O2 error I had to bump root to 6.14/06 as 6.14/04 does not compile for me.

I don’t have full Xcode but just the command line tools.

Can you follow the instructions and report back please? It’s difficult to catch corner cases with custom installations. The aforementioned installation instructions require Xcode to be installed, and no alidist modification. We carefully bump ROOT versions for instance.

I might do that. But could you please tell me whether the test node has “just” been upgraded from Sierra from Mojave or installed from scratch ?

For the record, the log of root 6.14/04 build failure.

Hi @laphecet, node’s been updated from High Sierra to Mojave. It may be that Xcode’s optional. For your error, can you check:

In case the suggestion on the PR works for you, we might want to:

  • Make the installation of Xcode optional (we will advise it only for those who use stuff like Instruments, and this is by the way what we teach in our tutorials).
  • Update instructions with the PR content.

Can you comment on that PR as well in case it works? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @dberzano,

I prefer not to mess with the /usr/include path at all.

I can wait for Root 6.14/06 to be the default in our recipes (as this root version compiles without modifying anything on the system level).
That’ll solve the Root issue.

And the issue of the original question (cmake configuration failing for O2) in this thread can be solved with https://github.com/AliceO2Group/AliceO2/pull/1485
(in particular for people that do not want to follow the advice the disable SIP on their machine :wink: )