O2 build fails at DebugGui - CentOS7

Dear experts,

I am trying to build O2 on CentOS7 with aliBuild, via

  • aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2

after following all the prerequisites from the tutorial. The build fails at DebugGUI@v0.5.2 with the following log:
log.txt (44.1 KB)
The error is at l.436:
Package capstone was not found in the pkg-config search path.
although capstone@4.0.2 was built indeed. Issues with tbb are raised as well:
error: #error Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks 2018 is required; older versions are not supported.
I found several solutions for Ubuntu, but nothing for CentOS.

Any suggestion for fixing this?
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Do you have TBB installed at all? Do you need it? Can you simply uninstall it?

I have no solution here, but rather a very similar problem on ubuntu 20.04.
In my case package capstone also couldn’t be found, so I installed it. Afterwards, I see lots of undefined references and DebugGUI fails to build
Here’s the log file:
log.txt (198.6 KB)
I used exactly the same system (minus capstone) to build O2 on 29.04.

Hi all,
Thanks for the answer. TBB is installed and up-to-date, I’ll try uninstalling. For now I went around the issue with --disable DebugGUI.

I now have the same on my CC7 build machine.

I think that it will indirectly be followed up here:https://alice.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/O2-2267


I can confirm that removing libtbb2-dev on ubuntu18.04 and ubuntu20.04 helped to build DebugGUI. libtbb itself can’t be removed because it is a dependency for many other packages (including python)

For the record, I have:

which works on linux, but fails on macOS. I will merge it as soon as I manage to get macOS to work as well.

The above PR has now been merged. You should be able to run with TBB-dev installed even on ubuntu.

Even with the latest alidist (b1d48b4761) I still had to uninstall libtbb-dev on Ubuntu 20.04 to build DebugGUI@v0.5.4.

Just a side note: I patched the alidist recipe for DebugGUI. With that patch the build works for me without having to uninstall libtbb-dev on Ubuntu 20.04.
I have the feeling that the TBB=off flag is not correctly handled.
So the change is simply to add the flag -ltbb to make.
Not sure if this has side effect, since for me DebugGUI is unfortunately not working (LLVM Error in the TPC reconstruction workflow - #30 by oschmidt)

Patch: (.patch files cannot be uploaded)
debuggui.txt (1.0 KB)

The problem is that the -ltbb must be added only if TBB is installed on the system, otherwise it will fail.

Somehow it seems more intuituve to me that the build fails if TBB is missing than if it fails when TBB is installed, but not correctly picked up by the build. For Ubuntu TBB is even listed as a prerequisite, so most of the people who use Ubuntu probably have it installed.
Should we remove libtbb-dev from the list of required packages for Ubuntu if it does not work when it is present?

Can you check if

fixes the issue with TBB on ubuntu for good?

Yes, I confirm that with that PR the build succeeds on Ubuntu 20.04 with libtbb-dev installed. Thank you very much! I just noticed that building DebugGUI takes a bit long. Can the build also be parallelized?

With this:

it takes ~2 minutes on my laptop. Unfortunately one of the components used there uses LTO and one (serial) link operation alone adds 20 / 30 seconds.