O2Physics build error with macOS Monterey

Dear experts,

Recently I tried to build O2 in Monterey 12.0.1, with the latest version of Home-brew and Alibuild. However, when build the jet related working flow in O2Physics, it breaks for both intel and M1 ships(I also find if I remove these jet working flow, the O2physics can be built successfully):

O2Physics/stage/bin/o2-analysis-je-jet-finder -b --dump-workflow --dump-workflow-file o2-analysis-je-jet-finder.json
2021-12-13@09:00:00:DEBUG:O2Physics:O2Physics:0: dyld[31443]: symbol not found in flat namespace ‘___gmpn_add_n’
2021-12-13@09:00:00:DEBUG:O2Physics:O2Physics:0: Subprocess aborted

It seems related to gmp, but I can’t get much useful information from the log. Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help!

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Monterey is not supported at the moment. That said, most likely you need to recompile the whole stack from scratch because the system installation of GMP got updated.

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