Problems with python 3.8 detecting OS architecture

Dear experts,

We went into troubles with aliBuild detecting the OS architecture when running under python 3.8 on macOS Mojave.

usage: aliBuild [-h] [-d] [-n] {analytics,architecture,build,clean,deps,doctor,init,version} …
aliBuild: error: Unknown / unsupported architecture: Mojave.
On Linux, x86-64:
RHEL5 / SLC5 compatible: slc5_x86-64
RHEL6 / SLC6 compatible: slc6_x86-64
RHEL7 / CC7 compatible: slc7_x86-64
Ubuntu 14.04 compatible: ubuntu1404_x86-64
Ubuntu 15.04 compatible: ubuntu1504_x86-64
Ubuntu 15.10 compatible: ubuntu1510_x86-64
Ubuntu 16.04 compatible: ubuntu1604_x86-64
Fedora 25 compatible: fedora25_x86-64
Fedora 26 compatible: fedora26_x86-64
On Linux, POWER8 / PPC64 (little endian):
RHEL7 / CC7 compatible: slc7_ppc64
On Mac, x86-64:
Yosemite and El-Captain: osx_x86-64
Alternatively, you can use the `–force-unknown-architecture’ option.

aliBuild architecture returned “”. After reverting to python 3.7 the problem disappeared. Is aliBuild compatible with python 3.8?

Thanks in advance!



I do not have python 3.8 myself. I am trying to add it to the PR checker so that we can at least see if the problem can be reproduced there.

Can you try using:

The problem happened on Mac. Does distro.linux_distribution work also there?

apparently, yes.

Seems to not work - architecture is still unknown, see

(py38test) markuss-macbook-pro:~ markusfasel$ test/alibuildtest/alibuild/aliBuild architecture
(py38test) markuss-macbook-pro:~ markusfasel$ python --version
Python 3.8.0

How did you install alibuild? You need to redo the pip install -e . if that’s how you did it in the first place.

I have a PR which should make that not needed.

I tagged you on the PR. Let’s continue the discussion there.