QC Workflow and Digitizer

HI Barth,

OK. So the codes are shown in the following links:

The DIGITReader which serves as a mock DPL for the digit data:

The code to run my data sampling:

The config file for data sampling policy:

Thank you very much for your help!

Zhaozhong Shi

In your config file, the data sampling policy to be used in a task must actually match one of the data sampling policies. In yours, this

"dataSamplingPolicy": "its-raw",

does not match this

"dataSamplingPolicies": [
"id": "raw",

Hi Barth,

I make both to have the same name but it still does not work!

Zhaozhong Shi

I propose to seat together next week when I am back.

Hi Barth,

Yes, it will be great if we can sit together and discuss. Thank you!