Suggestions for the Setup of a O2 Development work bench

I’m a newbe of the O2 software development and I need a step by step recipe in order to setup the most ‘confortable’ environment for the development of the software.

I followed the instructions to install the O2 environment with aliBuild program on a CentOS 7 machine, and I’m able to compile the latest version of the FlpSuite package ! :slight_smile:

But, the folder ‘alice/sw/BUILD’ disappared after the build phase and this avoids to me to run any ‘make’ commands in order to recompile modifications. (in discordance with that is reported in

The source code is located in ‘alice/sw/SOURCES’, where should be pointed the location for the source of a forked package, in order to integrate the forked software with all the external dependancies ?

Probabilly there are threads or docs on those issues, but I wasn’t able to catch them…

Any suggestions are sincerly apreciated.

Thanks a lot