Additional tag for QCG objects in history drop-down menu

Hello experts,

would it be possible to add an additional editable tag to the history drop-down menu in the QCG?
Screenshot from 2021-02-12 09-15-50 (this one, I don’t know what the real name is)
It would be very convenient if it would be possible to add e.g. the run number so that one finds the data that one actually wants to look at more easily.

Can this be implemented e.g. via a special meta data key? Something like
key: QCGtag
value: run: 12345
and then run: 12345 shows up in the menu additionally?
Or maybe implement an additional function to the ObjectsManager that publishes the tag? I don’t know what would be more convenient for you or the user.

It would be very useful if you could do something like that.


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Hi, yes, there is a plan to have something like that. However, we are still having problems with receiving the run number from the experiment control software, so we can’t proceed much before this is solved.
@bvonhall Might tell you more regarding the plans for this after he comes back from holidays.

Good to know, thanks for your answer!


The plan, which can be changed, is to have a global menu from which one can pick a run. The objects in the layout are restrainted to this run only and a further granularity with timestamps is offered for each object. However we could easily have both menus (run and timestamps) for each object and globally.


Thanks @bvonhall, globally picking a run and then having the objects restrained to only that run sounds good.