AliceO2 version in alidock for the DPL tutorial

Please be aware to have the right version of aliceO2 to run the DPL tutorial of Bogdan. It has be seen that the latest version of aliceO2 is not compatible with this tutorial.
Then apply the following procedure to be able to run the DPL tutorial:

  • Get the aliceo2 software as usual inside a docker:
    aliBuild init O2@dev --defaults o2

  • In O2 directory, charge this version of the software (rewind in the past…):
    git reset --hard 35da5adc88

  • In alidist directory, charge this version of the software (rewind in the past…):
    git reset --hard 787e32c90

  • Then build the code as usual, including the testwf directory of Bogdan:
    aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2


What is the actual issue?

The build failed because it was not able to found the file Framework/WorkflowSpec.h called in a include file developped by Bogdan in its testwf directory. Its content of the include file is the following:


/// @file TestWorkflow.h

#include “Framework/WorkflowSpec.h”

namespace o2
namespace MFT

namespace TestWorkflow
framework::WorkflowSpec getWorkflow();

} // namespace MFT
} // namespace o2

This file is there since the beginning. I suppose there is something wrong in the tutorial setup. Could you provide me a link to it?

Here is the link:
Best regards, F.M.

Which branch of AliceO2 are you on? You are supposed to use on the dev branch.

This is from a scratch o2 installation using: aliBuild init O2@dev --defaults o2
By the way, may be it’s related, I have issue with the loading of all libraries in the load-all_libs.C when I run Root in the O2/macro directory.

Hi Giulio,

The first entry of this issue is an information to the participants to a DPL tutorial which I organized in February this year. Since I did not update the examples of this tutorial and as the dev branch is rapidly progressing, Franck has added a hint about how to obtain the snapshot of the code at the moment of the tutorial, in case someone has “erased” his tutorial working version from four months ago. That’s all the issue.