Alidocklite, alternative docker image for building and running O2

Dear all,

Due to how O2 dependencies are evolving, I have been experienced increasing difficulties to get O2 to work on Debian, my favorite distro (I have been using --force-unknown-architecture). I tried to use and tweak alidock, but it was slower for building O2. For this reason I created an Ubuntu-based Docker image that works somewhat in a similar fashion as alidock. It is not so elegant, but suffices my needs. The trick to ssh access the container was taken from alidock.

It may be useful to others as well. Thus I share it here. Details and instructions at

Particularly relevant is the ability to use ninja to quickly rebuild O2 with

$ cd /home/alidocklite/sw/BUILD/O2-latest/O2 ; time ninja install

which I could not run on alidock.


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