AOD data format - how to convert o2-sim files


Browsing through the AliceO2 repository I have found the AOD format (defined at AliceO2/Framework/Core/include/Framework/AnalysisDataModel.h). I am looking into converting data simulated using o2-sim to the aod format.

Unfortunately I haven’t found any file documenting that (the AnalysisDataModel.h is just a header file).

I have found some guidelines on how to use workflows (AliceO2Group/AliceO2/Framework/Core/ or AliceO2/Framework/Core/ that have calls to this aod format (at least that tells me the data format is actually being used, not just defined), but nothing hinting at how to convert the results of o2-sim simulation to aod.

What is currently used to get data in the aod format defined in the AnalysisDataModel.h starting from an o2-sim simulation?
Any leads you can give me, maybe documents or code to look at in the O2 repository that I probably haven’t found yet?