Bookkeeping:: templated EOS reports?

Hi! I was wondering if (especially for EOS reports) the options of predefined templates would be interesting?
So, on a single click on a button (like “EOS REPORT” ) would automatically create a log with subject : EOS <day_period> and with contents established by RC for the respective subsystem.
The subsystem (and day_period) (and tag) could be automatically filled by reading the alice-glance/sams db and looking for the logged user shift period.
Of course at this moment there are really big fires to be put off, but i was just wandering if this could be of use at some point…
Thank you!

Hi @asevcenc ,

Thank you for providing the use case!

I believe something similar is already in the pipeline. Have a look at this ticket: Template Support For Log Entries

Please feel free to add a further comment on the ticket or simply add yourself as a watcher to track the progress.

Have a nice day,

Hi! Thanks, i added myself as a watcher, thanks a lot!