Boost version too old for DDS, compiling O2

Dear experts,

I am trying to compile o2 but DDS fails because the boost version (1.59.0) that is built by aliBuild needs to be at least 1.67. I guess that is not intended behavior. Is it possible to tell aliBuild to build a later version of boost?

I am operating on Ubuntu 18.04.

The DDS-latest.log and aliDoctor output are available from the cernbox.

Thanks for your help!

Did you update alidist to the latest version? which commit are you on?

I am on e8434765c83dbef38783759f2fda410004f96a7b from April 23rd 15:03:04. I actually thought I updated when I fetched and pulled from git.

On 23rd of april you should have had 1.69, not 1.59. Can you check the contents of alidist/ in particular the version field.

The first lines are

package: boost
version: “%(tag_basename)s”
tag: v1.59.0

and the prefer_system_check line says that boost > 1.59.00 is required.

I think the problem is that I should have been on master instead of dev at alidist. My bad.

Thanks for your effort!