Brew install O2 dependance failed (MAC Mojave)

Dear experts,

I am trying to install O2 on MAC OS Mojave 10.14. via alidock.
Installation of needed software with :
brew install alisw/system-deps/o2-full-deps
ends with error :

==> Downloading file:///dev/null

Error: No such file or directory @ rb_file_s_rename - (/home/alidock/.cache/Homebrew/downloads/fa6444b99c49cd66f605ad608ca5df7c1e8e4a20f71f1a26f246bdd0096f461b–null.incomplete, /home/alidock/.cache/Homebrew/downloads/fa6444b99c49cd66f605ad608ca5df7c1e8e4a20f71f1a26f246bdd0096f461b–null)

A number of packages have been dowloaded before the error.

Would you have a hint of the problem origin?
For me it looks like the targeted file to be download is not present.

I have seen in other thread that upgraded the system to 10.15 helped for other problems, do you recommend it ?

Below I report the terminal output in case it helps.

Thanks in advance
Best regards