Building AliPhysics fails on newly configured Ubuntu 20.04.2

Fresh machine, just installed ubuntu 20.04.2 Mate,

=> Building GCC-Toolchain@v7.3.0-alice2
==> GCC-Toolchain is being built (use --debug for full output): failed
ERROR: Error while executing /home/jmy/CERN/alice/sw/SPECS/ubuntu2004_x86-64/GCC-Toolchain/v7.3.0-alice2-local1/ on `bequiet’.
ERROR: Log can be found in /home/jmy/CERN/alice/sw/BUILD/GCC-Toolchain-latest/log
ERROR: Please upload it to CERNBox/Dropbox if you intend to request support.
ERROR: Build directory is /home/jmy/CERN/alice/sw/BUILD/GCC-Toolchain-latest/GCC-Toolchain

(full log:

…/…/…/…/gcc/libsanitizer/sanitizer_common/sanitizer_internal_defs.h:261:72: error: size of array ‘assertion_failed__1150’ is negative
typedef char IMPL_PASTE(assertion_failed_##_, line)[2*(int)(pred)-1]

I was trying switching from default g++ 9.3 to g++ 7 but with no success.

Berst Regards
Julian Myrcha

Please provide more details like the version of aliBuild being used, the commit in alidist etc, the command you are executing…


Your suggestion about aliBuild version was right. I switched from aliBuild 1.7.5 (installed via pip) to version 1.7.3 (installed from package manager) and problem was solved (GCC Toolchain is not build and process go to the end without other issues)


Hi Juilan,

I am new to alibuild. I am facing similar issue. Could you please tell me how have you installed alibuild 1.7.3 from package manager.


sudo pip install alibuild==1.7.3
it helped me skip the GCC-toolchain