Building AliRoot failed on macOS 11.4 using alidock


After passing all of the prerequisite steps, I tried to build AliRoot on my alidock environment using

git clone
aliBuild build AliRoot

according to this page:

It failed with the following error message:
==> Building AliRoot@v5-09-57d
==> AliRoot is being built (use --debug for full output): failed
ERROR: Error while executing /persist/sw/SPECS/slc7_x86-64/AliRoot/v5-09-57d-local1/ on `alidock-502’.
ERROR: Log can be found in /persist/sw/BUILD/AliRoot-latest/log
ERROR: Please upload it to CERNBox/Dropbox if you intend to request support.
ERROR: Build directory is /persist/sw/BUILD/AliRoot-latest/AliRoot.
1|[alidock] ~/alice $>

Here is a link to log file: AliRoot Building Log – Google Drive

Please suggest what to do to solve the problem.

Best Regards,
Kachanon Nirunpong


Just a friendly reminder:
Alidock is now deprecated and will be completely dismissed in August 31st.
My advice is to move to a MacOS native installation.

Best Regards,

Thank you for the information. I will follow your advice.