Building and using O2 on a supercomputer with singularity


I’m trying to setup a singularity container to run O2 simulations on the Finnish CSC supercomputer. They only allow singularity containers, so alidock can’t be used.

I was thinking to convert the alidock container into singularity container. Does anyone have experience with that? I remember that singularity is expected to be used throughout Run3 on the grid, so perhaps a solution already exists. If that’s the case I’d appreciate some info on that.


There is some experience with singularity on the CINECA/MARCONI supercomputer already.
So the GRID team might comment more … I guess they already have a configuration.

Thanks Sandro,
Could you give me the name(s) of people involved? I could contact them directly.

I think that Maksim Storetvedt or Francesco Noferini might be able to help more.