Building O2 fails in FrameworkGUIDebugger

Dear experts

I am trying to build O2 in a Mac (10.14.6) where I already had installed an older version (nightly-20191009-4-g9fe0b81c8). But it fails in FrameworkGUIDebugger with the error
"use of undeclared identifier ‘ImGuiSetCond_Once’ "

I put the full log in

I would be greatful for any hints


You need to update alidist.


thanks for the fast response. Just before building I did

cd /Users/jgcn/alice/alidist
git status
git checkout master
git pull --rebase

is this not enough? (sorry for the ignorance)

Note that I am trying to install a specific version that run for one of my students. After the previous commands I do

cd …/O2
git status
git fetch --all --tags
git checkout nightly-20200122
cd ~/alice
aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2 -z O2-20200122

is this ok?

thanks a lot and greetings from Prague

I see the same problem on my CI machine with an up-to-date alidist.

The problem was a missing O2 development package in one case and the use of the branch master for O2 in another case.

For the record, I am about to release O2 v1.2.0 which should fix the problem also when using master.

someone told me to move from my old osx to the newer version. I did that over the weekend. Now I have:
Xcode 11.3.1
OSX 10.15.3
AliPhysics: vAN-20200221-4-gba9a035e7f
O2 nightly-20200222
QC: v0.21.1-3-geb76bd4
and I had no problem compiling … so this package dependence somehow was avoided in this case.
I am informing just to give you more clues in case they are needed.

Anyway, thanks a lot for looking this up!