Building O2 on system without root access

Hi there,

I am looking to build O2 and run a larger simulation. I have space on my University’s computing cluster, but no root privileges. For various reasons our sys admins won’t install docker so going the alidock path is out of the question.

I noticed that there is a “I don’t have root permissions” guide for installing AliBuild, but I still run into issues because I have to install the prerequisites, and I can’t do that without root permission.

My other options is lxplus7. It seems like it would run into the same root issues. Is there a recommended way to build on lxplus7?


If you cannot system prerequisites, I am afraid we have no alternatives.

If you want to run on lxplus7, just follow the “I don’t have root permissions” documentation.

Thank you for your response!

However there are still issues on lxplus. I can follow the “I don’t have root permissions” documentation, but that is just for installing alibuild. I still need to satisfy all the prerequisites if I want to build O2. The prerequisites require root access, which I do not have.

For example, the prerequisites say to install devtoolset-7 in order to get the correct version of GCC. It says “First off, enable Software Collections:”

yum install -y centos-release-scl

I cannot do this because this commands require root access.

FWIW note that (some) Software Collections are already installed on lxplus, you just have to enable them.

scl --list

(you don’t have devtoolset-7, but the next one)

So for instance, to enter a (bash) shell with devtoolset active, you use :

scl enable devtoolset-8 bash
which gcc

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