Building XRootD@v5.4.0 fails (in Monterey...)

Dear experts,

I’m trying to build O2 in Mac OS Monterey (I have a new M1 machine) and the building of XRootD@v5.4.0 fails with the log in attachment

log.txt (248.6 KB)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I had the same issue yesterday. I think it’s actually xrootd to be broken but it can be worked around by applying:

Actually I have exactly the same problem with Mac OS Monterey but on an Intel machine…So it might not be specific to M1, but to Monterey in general…

Yes, it’s not due to M1, it’s due to destructive interference between the packages we have on the system and those we ship with python-modules.

Indeed, with your PR XRootD compiles. Thanks a lot @eulisse !

Thanks a lot @eulisse , this fixed the problem to me, too :slight_smile: