C++ parallelisation with C++17

Dear core experts,
I’m trying to parallelise part of my code using the C++17 feature:


However, the code breaks as soon as I do:
#include <execution>
with the error:
fatal error: 'execution' file not found

I think that the parallel execution is not implemented in clang, apple clang, or even gcc 7 (?).
Is there an equivalent way to write some parallel code in O2?

Thanks in advance,

You’ll need GCC 9 for this and even in that case you will need a backend library (e.g. TBB). I guess openmp is the best we can hope for, for now.

In the ITS tracking @iouribelikov use std::async:

Dear @eulisse and @shahoian,
thanks a lot for the suggestions. I’ll give a try to the async command.