Can AliRoot be built with root-6.26.06?

Hi, everyone!
I’m building alice softwares(O2, Focal, …) on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
but It fails when Building AliRoot@0_O2

and a log file said

line 8312,

Error in TUnixSystem::Load: version mismatch, /home/sa/alice/sw/ubuntu2204_x86-64/AliRoot/0_O2-local1/lib/ = 62606, ROOT = 62604

I installed Root-6.26.06 and also root-6.26.04( just trying some tests).
and remove root-6.26.04 directory after facing with this problem. But this problem still remains.

Now, I wonder this problem came from just my Ubuntu environment(installing another version of root) or the fact that AliRoot can’t be built with the latest root version(6.26.06).

Hi @dayoung, how did you install the other ROOT versions?

AliRoot built by aliBuild does not play well with ROOT installed outside of aliBuild, as it cannot detect that you have changed the ROOT version outside of it, and thus leaves your AliRoot build in a broken state where half of it is linked against the new ROOT and half against the old one.

If you want to build using a different ROOT version, consider changing the tag: ... line in alidist/ and rebuilding AliRoot using aliBuild. This will make sure that aliBuild rebuilds AliRoot fully and relinks it properly against the new ROOT version.