Cannot copy files from EOS

Dear all,
I’m trying to copy files from EOS, but the process remains hanging.
For example:

XrdSecPROTOCOL=sss,unix XrdSecSSSKT=$HOME/.alimidvs.sss.keys xrdcp root:// ./

If I run in debug mode I get:

[2021-09-23 10:02:20.633276 +0200][Dump   ][TaskMgr           ] Running task: "TickGeneratorTask for: root://"
[2021-09-23 10:02:20.633352 +0200][Dump   ][TaskMgr           ] Will rerun task "TickGeneratorTask for: root://" at [2021-09-23 10:02:35 +0200]
[2021-09-23 10:02:20.633371 +0200][Dump   ][TaskMgr           ] Running task: "TickGeneratorTask for: root://"
[2021-09-23 10:02:20.633391 +0200][Dump   ][TaskMgr           ] Will rerun task "TickGeneratorTask for: root://" at [2021-09-23 10:02:35 +0200]
[2021-09-23 10:02:21.637658 +0200][Dump   ][TaskMgr           ] Running task: "FileTimer task"
[2021-09-23 10:02:21.637731 +0200][Dump   ][TaskMgr           ] Will rerun task "FileTimer task" at [2021-09-23 10:02:36 +0200]
[2021-09-23 10:02:35.605821 +0200][Dump   ][XRootDTransport   ] [] Stream inactive since 150 seconds, TTL: 1200, allocated SIDs: 0, open files: 0, bound file objects: 0
[2021-09-23 10:02:35.605896 +0200][Dump   ][XRootDTransport   ] [] Stream inactive since 150 seconds, stream timeout: 60, allocated SIDs: 0, wait barrier: 2021-09-23 10:00:05 +0200

Notice that this is quite new: I used to copy files from EOS without problems. Not sure what changed.
Is there some issue on the EOS side?
Thanks in advance,

Actually, I am able to copy this and other files on CERN GPN, but it indeed hangs when the copy is done from outside of CERN

Hi @shahoian ,
you’re right, I can copy files from lxplus…although it is quite cumbersome.
The strange thing is that I could copy files from outside CERN until few days ago, and I do not think I changed anything. So I guess something changed in our EOS.
Anyways, I’ll try to copy to lxplus and then copy from there…

Answer from Latchezar:

The firewall to EOSALICEO2 is closed for the time being due to kernel vulnerability. This will persist until RedHat provides a solution for the problem, probably about a week. 

Any news about when the reopening of the firewall will actually occur ?