CCDB access from the trending task

Dear experts,

As part of the trending for the TPC, we want to look at the values of the different quantities related to the laser track calibration, like the drift velocity. Since there is one value per variable per time step, the output data are, so far, published in the QCG as a TPaveText inside a TCanvas (see for instance qc/TPC/MO/LaserCalibration/Calib_Values).

While we managed to access and trend these numbers from the TCanvas, this solution is not ideal in the long run, as it relies on the specific formatting of the entries in the TPaveText. We thought then about directly accessing the information from the CCDB (in this case TPC/Calib/LaserTracks).
However, we have found in the documentation for the trending class that it supported so far only MO and QO from the QC database, but not yet from the CCDB.

We would therefore like to ask what was the current status regarding the CCDB support for the Trending task? Accessing quantities, which are not convenient to represent graphically like the drift velocity information, directly in the CCDB would be very useful for us.

Thanks a lot in advance!

this was not requested before, here is the jira ticket:
That being said, for now we will have to prioritize more critical issues, thus I can’t give you a good ETA.