Check of CCDB object validity by CCDBHelpers


Am I correct to say that the CCDBHelpers, when checking if the current CCDB objects are valid, is only considering the end of validity ?

Said otherwise, assuming I have the following sequence of timestamps (creationTime) in a CTF :

  1. T0
  2. T0+10ms
  3. T0+20ms
  4. T0+100ms
  5. T0+30ms

And 2 objects (for the same CCDB path), one valid from T0+100ms to T0+few seconds, and the other from T0 to T0+99ms, which one is supposed to be used by the 5th CTF above ? (Assuming I run with --condition-tf-per-query 1, i.e. the validity should be checked at each TF).

I seem to observe that it’s the one from T0+100ms to T0+few seconds, i.e. the one picked up by the previous (4th) CTF, and not the one I would have expected. Is my observation correct / expected ?