Config file access in QC task


is there a possibility to directly access the json file in a QC task (like e.g. QualityControl/Modules/TPC/src/Clusters.cxx) in a way like it can be done in a PostProcessing task with the configure function?

As far as I can see the config file is read at the level of the TaskRunner where one does not really have access when implementing QC tasks.

However, it would be nice if one could set some parameters via the config file. For now it is fine to hard code them, though.

@pkonopka is the expert here, I guess.

Thanks a lot!


There is no access to the whole configuration structure, but there is “taskParameters” section inside the task config, where you can put keys and values which are then accessible in mCustomParameters from within your Tasks.
Isn’t this sufficient for your use-case?

Oh, taskParameters flew under my radar completely… This should work!

Thanks a lot and sorry for my ignorance!