Configuring remote part of QC Task

Dear @bvonhall, @pkonopka, all,

I want to prepare json config for qc epn workflow. In it a port number is needed to be assigned to remoteMachine:

"remoteMachine": "",
"remotePort": "477XX",

“Please use the port number between 47700 and 47799.”, ControlWorkflows/ says.
Should I check that no other detectors use the selected port? Is it relevant within one single merger machine? Or all the detectors and dataPolicies should use different ports? How to check if port is free?

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Hi Sergey,

The port should be unique for a given machine. A quick check of the other config files should be enough.


Hi Barth!

There are plenty of config files in consul. Is there some kind of grep command?
Seems that “Search” field searches only for keys = names of files but I need search values = file content.


To say, I believe that is not used by others so I probably can use any port from indicated range. However things must be done in right way :upside_down_face:

The correct way would be that the machine and port are decided dynamically by the control systems :slight_smile:

But you are correct, qme07 is used only by you, so just use what pleases you.

Thank you, Barth!

One more important thing: where to find logs from workflows that are running at alio2-cr1-qme07?

Dear @bvonhall @pkonopka

I created cpv-physics-qcmn-epn-remote workflow (pushed to ControlWorflows/master repo) for merging results coming from qc tasks running on epns. However I’ m not able to start a run with this workflow:

If I disable QC node workflows then everything is running smoothly. What do I miss?
The corresponding json file is located at
There are no errors in the infologger at alio2-cr1-qme07 machine…
Maybe such technical things must be discussed via mail. Please correct me if this is wrong place…

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Hi all!

I found what was a problem: workflow was generated with config.json file where qc task was named “CPVPhysicsTask” but in consul task name was “PhysicsOnEPNs”. It appeared that this name is propagated to ControlWorkflows/workflows/*.yaml files from original json which was used to generate workflow. So the name should be same in consul. After saming the names everything is working now: alio2-cr1-qme07 merges MOs and plots appeared at

To answer my previous question: logs from qc merger appears in flp infoLogger and can be found by querying ‘Hostname: alio2-cr1-qme07’.

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Well, thank you for doing all the work of answering to yourself :slight_smile:

Have a nice day