Custom software on FLPs at P2

Dear all,

We are preparing for the vertical slice test of the TRD, and as part of that we would like to test the QC software. We are wondering how the development cycle for this would be - the official way seems to be to submit a PR to the QC git repository, wait for it to be merged, build nightly RPMs and have these installed on the FLP. This seems quite slow, and we would prefer to run some tests with custom software that we compile ourselves on the FLP.

However, it seems as if there is no access to e.g. GitHub from the FLP nodes. We heard about a http proxy, but it seems the DNS is not configured on the FLPs.

Can we get access to GitHub (and possibly other web sites needed for AliBuild) on the FLPs? Or is there another, better way to deal with development, without the full PR/RPM/installation cycle?


  • Tom.

Hello @tdietel. I gave detailed instructions on the Mattermost channel, I would suggest to move the discussion over there.

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Thanks for the instructions on MatterMost. We managed to get the software through the proxy as you instructed.