Delete subdirs on the official QCDB/QCG

Dear @bvonhall, dear @pkonopka,

we would like to ask, if it is possible to delete subdirs on the official QCDB/QCG and if so, how. We have significantly updated our trendings and now many old plots are obsolete, while new or renamed ones added, and this leads to many outdated objects in these folders. In addition, due to a mistake in a json file, we have one subdir which is not used at all. On the test instance this would not be a big issue, but we would like to try keeping the official QCDB and QCG as clean as possible.

Could you either explain to us, how to delete this stuff, or (in case we anyhow would not have the permission to do so) remove the following:


Thanks and cheers,


I can do it for you. I will remove the folders you listed.


Done but it seems that the trending is still running and pushing objects

Thanks, that’s perfectly fine! Yes, indeed, the post-processing is running, so these two folders we need, but now all the obsolete plots are gone, so this is much cleaner now. Only the Calibration is not needed at all.

One more question to this topic: is the general policy, that the stuff on the QCDB/QCG in principle shall not be deleted in future, to avoid any loss of potentially important info, and therefore in case needed we just ask you, or can we from the detector teams also delete things ourselves? For me, both options would be fine. I guess, that with updates of code and running new task for first times, this might happen again, even if not optimal…

Actually, I spotted one more thing already now: as left-over of the wrongly defined json we have the corresponding QO here:


This one is for sure completely obsolete and will not be filled again, so please also delete this.


Hi Stefan,

In the final system, with migration to EOS enabled, people won’t be allowed to delete by themselves in general because there is no recovery if a mistake is done.

For now, you would be able to do it but as long as the requests don’t pile up, I prefer to do it myself for the same reason.

I will delete the QO you mention.

Hi Barth,

thanks for the explanation, totally makes sense, and thanks for deleting this QO. I hope, we won’t have to bother you too often. :slight_smile: