Development package with the O2 FLP suite

Dear @vmcb and @bvonhall ,
I’m working on the FLP, using the o2-flp-suite.
However, I need to use a custom version of O2/QC, that allows me to test my improvements on the decoder on real data.
I currently install the O2/QC packages using aliBuild. But this of course re-installs locally a large part of the software that already comes with the o2-flp-suite. Also, the drawback is that I might have different versions of the dependencies compared to the ones installed with the o2-flp-suite.
Is it possible to compile a custom version of O2/QC, linking it to the software installed with the flp-suite?

Thanks in advance,
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Dear Diego,

Please see here :


Hi @bvonhall,
thanks a lot for the info.
In the example that you point out, the custom QualityControl is installed with aliBuild, right? This means that in any case I have to perform a full (separate) compilation of QualityControl.
Is it correct?

Yes, indeed.
I remember discussing it with Giulio at some point. I will try to find back what we agreed on.

Could not find anything but a previous request from Markus Fasel.

@eulisse On a machine with software installed via RPMs (i.e. FLP Suite) people want to build their QC module. They can do it using aliBuild of course but then they have to make sure that all version match the ones installed by RPMs to avoid problems during execution. Moreover, they recompile things that are already there. Would there be a way to have aliBuild pick dependencies from the RPMs installation and alienv/aliswmod to pick up this mixture of locally built and RPM installed software ?
I am pretty sure we have already discussed it."aliBuild"%20AND%20assignee%20in%20(currentUser())%20ORDER%20BY%20priority%20DESC%2C%20updated%20DESC

is where we were discussing this. I am not sure we have all the ingredients, yet, but you might want to try (using aliBuild master).

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Hi @bvonhall and @eulisse,
thanks a lot for the info: I will give it a try.

Hi @eulisse,
I gave it a try, but there might be an issue.
The packages installed via RPM are in /opt/alisw/el7. Each package has its own etc/profile.d directory, but they are all empty…
Are the relocated elsewhere?

Mmm… no that’s strange… It’s probably a bug of the rpm packaging. Can you try using CVMFS, just to check? Can you do find /opt/alisw/el7 -name

I tried with the cvmfs installed in our local farm (just check). I cannot easily source the since the packages are in el7-x86_64 while the path inside point to slc7_x86-64, but I do confirm that in this case I correctly have the files!

Ok. Relocating the architecture probably requires the deployed packages to use aliBuild master. I will try to make a tag and build O2 nightlies with it.