Disable logging completely in DPL workflows?

I would have expected that setting --severity nolog would disable all logging (i.e. all output going through LOGXXX), but it seems some are still there (see below the [INFO] lines).

What I would actually be able to achieve in the end is to disable all logging but the one from a given device… Is that possible ?

Bonus question: is there a way to get rid of the "successfully removed … " bits (which apparently do not go through the logging interface) ?

$ o2-testworkflows-simple-source -b --severity nolog
[INFO] Initialising O2 Data Processing Layer. Driver PID: 23491.
[INFO] O2 Data Processing Layer initialised. We brake for nobody.
[INFO] Optimised build. O2DEBUG / LOG(DEBUG) / LOGF(DEBUG) / assert statement will not be shown.
[INFO] Redeployment of configuration asked.
[INFO] Starting internal-dpl-clock on pid 23492
[INFO] Starting A on pid 23493
[INFO] Starting internal-dpl-injected-dummy-sink on pid 23494
[INFO] Redeployment of configuration done.
[23492:internal-dpl-clock]: [INFO] Spawing new device internal-dpl-clock in process with pid 23492
[23494:internal-dpl-injected-dummy-sink]: [INFO] Spawing new device internal-dpl-injected-dummy-sink in process with pid 23494
[23493:A]: [INFO] Spawing new device A in process with pid 23493
^C[23493:A]: Cleaning up for shared memory id 'ff90bd3a'...
[23493:A]: No region counter found. No regions to cleanup.
[23493:A]: Successfully removed 'fmq_ff90bd3a_m_0'.
[23493:A]: Successfully removed 'fmq_ff90bd3a_mng'.
[23493:A]: Successfully removed 'fmq_ff90bd3a_mtx'.
[23493:A]: Successfully removed 'fmq_ff90bd3a_cv'.
[INFO] Dumping used configuration in dpl-config.json
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