DPL workflow not reading from FairMQ shm pipe on mac OS Big Sur

Dear experts,

we are running on mac on a problem that when running the reconstruction workflow in one process and the raw-reader-workflow in a second workflow, both configured with shared memory transport, after cleaning the tmp files the raw-reader-workflow is running and reading data, but the reconstruction workflow does not receive any data. Looking at the tmp directory the readout pipe (in this case readout-pipe-1) is not created. It looks to me as if there are still some files of the shm transport which are not yet cleaned once the workflow is stopped. In tmp the pipe file and the folder boost-interprocess were delete. Are there any other files that need to be removed? The problem looks a bit random, the first time the processes communicate, then (after cleaning) it doesn’t work, and after some tries it works again.

Thanks a lot in advance!