Eos client for CS8

Dear all,
trigger control computer is sitting on common FLP network in P2.
Is there a specific procedure (.yaml) enabling EOS client in CS8?
We need an access to /eos/project/a/alicetrg.
Cheers, Anton

Hello Anton, you mean a machine in CR1?

Yes, 2 machines alio2-cr1-ctpctr/app.

Do you know if these machines have a GPN interface?

Uli connected it. I can ssh in/out from/to CERN public network only. In cern.ch/network I see ’ CERN Central Firewall Configuration: --------- PRIVATE INFO --------’.

I do not see any GPN interface connected. As such, I fear that EOS in not accessible. It may work today (with lots of work, you need many things to have EOS running) but it won’t work any more once CR1 goes 100% private. Please contact Uli for more information.

Ok, I will contact Uli, Cheers, Anton