Error running an example analysis

Dear experts,

I built the latest version of O2 using the latest version of alidist. Then I tried to run an example analysis with o2-analysistutorial-histograms --aod-file AO2D.root -b, but it crashes. You can find the corresponding error in the attached log file. Do you have any suggestions I could try? Any help is welcome.log.txt (74.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!

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Can you provide the URL of the AO2D.root file you are looking at?

I went to the train Run3_Conversion and then I selected the train number 47 (train dataset: LHC15o). I clicked the + button and then “output” in the “full train” section. Finally, I downloaded AO2D.root.
I have also tried to run the example after merging the corresponding AO2D.root files from the train numbers 47 and 49, but I get the same error.

The problem was apparently related to the fact that my laptop was low on memory. I freed up hard disk space and now it works fine.