Error while Running D0 tasks

Dear experts,

I am trying to run the D0 tasks locally using the Validation Framework. I have succeeded in running the “o2-analysis-hf-track-index-skim-creator”. But on trying to run the other tasks, I encounter errors. When I try running the “o2-analysis-hf-track-index-skim-creator” and the “o2-analysis-hf-candidate-creator-2prong”, the error that I get is attached below, as “log_o2_SkimCreator_CandidateCreator2prong.log”. Also, the error encountered while running the “o2-analysis-hf-candidate-selector-d0” and the “o2-analysis-hf-task-d0” along with the above two is also attached here, named as “log_o2_SkimCreator_CandidateCreator2prong_CandidateSelectorD0_hfTaskD0.log”.

Can you please look into the matter and tell me how to resolve these errors? I am using “LHC22o - apass4 of LHC22o - 13.6 TeV, EPN, O2-3757” data.

Thanks in advance.


log_o2_SkimCreator_CandidateCreator2prong_CandidateSelectorD0_hfTaskD0.log (1.1 KB)
log_o2_SkimCreator_CandidateCreator2prong.log (1.5 KB)