Example of GBTx registers read/write through CRU

Dear all,

as part of the MCH readout initialisation, we need to set some internal GBTx registers via the CRU - in particular to enable/disable specific eLink channels.

Is there an already existing example for this? Or could somebody give me some guidelines?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Cheers, Andrea

Ciao Andrea,
sorry for the delay.
Do you mean you would need to use the IC protocol to change the GBT chip register using the CRU?

Yes, I think so…

Ok … the IC communication protocol is implemented in the CRU … we can do some tests, as no-one ever used it.

Great! Then I’m your man… when do you think we could work on that? From my side it is relatively urgent, as we suspect that we need to toggle the clock going into the SAMPA chips during the initialisation phase, and therefore implement this functionality in the DCS framework.