FLP data acquisition + processing workflow

Hi all,
we are performing tests on the data in an FLP with 2 CRUs.
For the moment, the data are written on file using the ReadoutCard package, and then we decode and analyse the output from this file.
However, we would like to be able to run a full acquisition, i.e. writing the data on a shared memory, building the sub-timeframe and decoding/analysing it via DPL.
Reading some old posts it seems that the sub-timeframe builder was not yet in place. Is it in place now?
Is there some documentation explaining how to run the full data acquisition + processing chain?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

Hi Diego,

we are working on the same thing for the TPC. You should contact Gvozden for the time frame building part. He made it working for us. Then Matthias Richter has written an adapter to get the data into dpl.

For the moment we use the time frame builder in playback mode in order to develop our DPL processors. This means, Gvozden recorded some data with the TF builder to file. Then, in one shell we run the playback:

StfBuilder --id builder --data-source-enable --data-source-dir=./ --data-source-rate=10 --dpl-channel-name=dpl-chan  --channel-config "name=dpl-chan,type=pair,method=connect,address=ipc:///tmp/stf-builder-dpl-pipe-0,transport=shmem,rateLogging=1"

And then we use in another shell Matthias DPL adapter and pipe it to our workflow:

o2-dpl-raw-proxy -b  --dataspec "A:TPC/RAWDATA" --channel-config "name=readout-proxy,type=pair,method=bind,address=ipc:///tmp/stf-builder-dpl-pipe-0,transport=shmem,rateLogging=1" | o2-tpc-calib-pedestal  -b --input-spec "A:TPC/RAWDATA"

Hope this helps.

Hi @wiechula,
thanks a lot for the tip. Well my point is to be able to avoid passing through a file, so I will probably wait for the full chain to be ready for the TPC before trying to make it work for MID :wink:

I have a question though: where can I find the StfBuilder executable? I cannot find it either in O2 or Readout…


Hi @dstocco,

STF builder should also be possible to run online, without file. For us it was only convenient to write to file in order to be able to playback as many times as we want. Just check with @gneskovi. The STF builder is in DataDistribution. I think for the moment you would need the wip-v0.7.1 branch. But just check with @gneskovi.