FLPSuite 0.17.2 : problems with QC

Dear Experts,

there are some problems with QC after new FLPSuite version installation, QC GUI cannot load MO/QO objects(screenshot attached).

Also I received 2 warnings:

[WARNING]: Module did not set no_log for unsafe_login_password

[WARNING]: Could not match supplied host pattern, ignoring: qc
- qc on hosts: qc -
No hosts found!

Full log also attached.

P.S. I can see all MO/QO hists from “CCDB browser”. So, they are stored in DB.

Best Regards,
Artur Furs.

Screenshot from 2021-04-20 13-03-16|690x388
log_FLPSuite_20210420.log (50.9 KB)

Hi @afurs ,

It looks like you might have an issue with the configuration file for QCG.
Would you mind posting a screenshot of the “About” page (found in bottom left corner of QCG)?
Moreover, how are you accessing the QCG web page? Through port redirection, directly on the machine?

Thank you,

Hello @graduta ,

scrrenshot attached.
I launch firefox remotely by ssh(with graphics), and then I go through localhost->“QC GUI” link. QC is running within this machine(txt file attached, j183.localdomain). Should I fix addresses/ports in json config file?

Best Regards,
Artur Furs.

digit_monitoring.txt (1.7 KB)

Hi @afurs ,

Thank you for providing the screenshot.
May I ask how the deployment was made and on what Operating System? I am not sure how you ended up with j183.localdomain if you have used the o2-flp-setup package.

Nevertheless, please update the qcg configuration file (location should be: /etc/o2.d/o2-qcg.js) the field hostname for http to j183 instead of j183.localdomain to be in line with ccdb and consul.

Afterwards simiply restart qcg (systemctl restart o2-qcg).
QCG should now be able to plot the objects on the new URL j183:8082

Kind regards,

Hello @afurs,
I share the same concerns as George, having a machine named j183.localdomain points to a host partial/incorrect configuration and the corresponding parameters in the O2 setups may not work properly. Was this intentional? Is the machine at CERN and defined via LANDB?


Would you agree to let me have a look around the machine as root? I will not change anything…

@graduta, thanks a lot! It works! We are using CC7 system, development organized for O2/QC parts.

Hello @divia , this machine was located at CERN(FIT lab) and then transported to INR at the end of 2020.

Now this issue is gone. Do you still need an access? We could continue this conversation in Mattermost chat.

P.S. This machine couldn’t be access directly from outside, only from internal INR network.

Best Regards,
Artur Furs.

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@afurs No need to check if all works at the end (well spotted George!). Still, the setup is intriguing… The initial installation at CERN and subsequent migration to INR may explain it.

P.S. I see in your snapshot one QC CCDB definition pointing to “.cern.ch”. Is that functionality used/working?

Take care,
– Roberto

I didn’t touch any global config files(for example o2-qcg.js). So, this suffix “.cern.ch” somehow was taken and putted automatically by flp-setup. Also I didn’t check if it was working or used.

Best Regards,
Artur Furs.