Frozen Simulation on O2DPG

Hello experts,

I am trying to run a small simulation, as a test, with O2DPG, but I am not able to.
At first I was getting:
[942672:internal-dpl-ccdb-backend]: [13:16:25][WARN] CCDB: Did not find an alien token; Cannot serve objects located on alien://

[942672:internal-dpl-ccdb-backend]: [13:16:25][FATAL] Unable to find object CTP/Calib/OrbitReset/1652361029816

so I create the token, but then the simulation just freezes at some point, without throwing any error (or at least none I couldn’t find it).
Bellow a screenshot of where it freezes (simulation from scratch) and one from the bksim.log:

For the environment I’m using:
alienv enter O2/latest-dev-o2 O2DPG/latest-master-o2 AEGIS/latest-o2 EVTGEN/latest-o2

and for the simulation:

In the O2/latest-dev-o2 environment I was getting the same problem on another simulation, but it worked using the timestamp solution mentioned here.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Hard to tell what’s the problem. Can you share files bkg_workerlog bkg_serverlog bkg_mergerlog, please?

Of course. Here it goes.

bkg_mergerlog.log (2.9 KB)
bkg_serverlog.log (155.9 KB)
bkg_workerlog0.log (11.6 KB)