Further Canvas/histogram options in QCG

Hello experts,

I am wondering if it would be possible to implement further options that can be passed via the ObjectsManager.
According to the docu one can forward draw options and some hints. I assume that the list of hints is all that can be passed for now.
Is it possible to also implement SetNdivisions for the axes of histograms? Apparently this information gets lost on the way at the moment. This would be very useful for proper visualization e.g. in the case of the TPC calibration with laser tracks (see qc/TPC/MO/LtrCalibration/Ltr_Coverage on the test ccdb). Visibility for shifters/experts could greatly be improved with the SetNdivisions option.

I think @pkonopka and @bvonhall are the ones to summon.

Thanks and cheers,

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I think that it is a reasonible request. Could you create a ticket in JIRA ?
We will need to implement it in the QC first (and make sure that JSROOT actually understand SetNDivisions) and then the QCG should also be modified. It won’t happen in the coming weeks though.


Thanks, Barth. The ticket is here.