GCC-Toolchain v10.2.0-alice2-6 requested by Clang and libffi but absent in dev

Dear experts

Yesterday, and again today, I compiled the latest version of O2/dev using CentOS 7

When issuing “alienv enter O2/latest-dev-o2” it shows the following recurrent non-stopping error:

          GCC-Toolchain(6):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for 'GCC-Toolchain/v10.2.0-alice2-6'
          GCC-Toolchain(7):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for 'GCC-Toolchain/v10.2.0-alice2-6'
          GCC-Toolchain(20):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for 'GCC-Toolchain/v10.2.0-alice2-6'

The modules are called at least by two packages: Clang/v11.0.0-29 and libffi/v.3.2.1-28 (also sqlite seems to require it, but probably is ok the installed version):

          Clang(13):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for 'Clang/v11.0.0-29'
          libffi(15):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for 'libffi/v3.2.1-28

As said before, the build command is successful. I used

          aliBuild init O2@dev --defaults o2
          aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2 -j 1

I am listing the output at the end of this post.
Notice that it indicates that it will use the GCC-Toolchain from the system, but it also compiles GCC-Toolchain. The compiled version is at


Sorry if my questions are silly, but I am newbie on this. How do I compile with the new version of GCC-Toolchain ? Is it possible to compile only the required version of GCC-Toolchain without recompiling everything?

Thanks in advance


Output of compilation

==> Packages will be built in the following order:
- Alice-GRID-Utils@0.0.7
- alibuild-recipe-tools@v0.2.2
- Python-modules-list@1.0
- autotools@v1.6.3
- O2-customization@v1.0.0
- AliEn-CAs@d04b129822b428a6acffaf1e5182b5c928f98174
- GCC-Toolchain@v10.2.0-alice2
- libffi@v3.2.1
- ofi@v1.7.1
- sqlite@v3.15.0
- lzma@v5.2.3
- GSL@release-1-16
- libtirpc@libtirpc-1-1-4
- UUID@alice/v2.27.1
- bz2@8ca1faa31f396d94ab927b257f3a05236c84e330
- ninja@v1.8.2.g3bbbe.kitware.dyndep-1.jobserver-1
- json-c@json-c-0.13.1-20180305
- ZeroMQ@v4.3.3
- zlib@v1.2.8
- GMP@v6.2.1
- ApMon-CPP@v2.2.8-alice5
- OpenSSL@OpenSSL_1_0_2o
- libxml2@v2.9.3
- MPFR@v3.1.3
- CMake@v3.19.2
- AliEn-Runtime@v2-19-le
- fmt@7.1.0
- double-conversion@v3.1.5
- Vc@1.4.1
- curl@curl-7_70_0
- protobuf@v3.15.8
- pythia6@428-alice2
- re2@2019-09-01
- FairCMakeModules@v0.2.0
- libpng@v1.6.34
- flatbuffers@v1.12.0
- asio@v1.19.1
- GLFW@3.3.2
- FFTW3@v3.3.9
- googlebenchmark@v1.3.0
- capstone@4.0.2
- libwebsockets@v3.0.1
- lz4@v1.9.3
- ms_gsl@v3.1.0
- libuv@v1.40.0
- GEANT4@v10.7.2
- RapidJSON@091de040edb3355dcf2f4a18c425aec51b906f08
- FreeType@v2.10.1
- libjalienO2@0.1.3
- FairLogger@v1.9.1
- asiofi@v0.5.1
- Python@v3.6.10
- DebugGUI@v0.5.6
- Clang@llvmorg-11.0.0
- lhapdf@v6.2.1-alice2
- Python-modules@1.0
- XRootD@v4.11.1
- boost@v1.75.0
- xjalienfs@1.3.0
- Common-O2@v1.6.0
- yaml-cpp@yaml-cpp-0.6.2
- arrow@785e31087
- libInfoLogger@v2.1.1
- cgal@4.12.2
- pythia@v8304
- DDS@3.5.16
- Ppconsul@v0.2.2
- ROOT@v6-20-08-alice1
- Monitoring@v3.8.7
- fastjet@v3.3.3_1.042-alice1
- generators@v1.0
- FairMQ@v1.4.39
- Configuration@v2.6.2
- VecGeom@89a05d148cc708d4efc2e7b0eb6e2118d2610057
- vgm@v4-9
- GEANT3@v3-7
- HepMC3@3.2.2
- MCStepLogger@master
- KFParticle@alice/v1.1-3
- JAliEn-ROOT@0.6.6
- GEANT4_VMC@v5-3
- simulation@v1.0
- FairRoot@v18.4.1
- O2 (development package)

==> You have packages in development mode.
This means their source code can be freely modified under:


aliBuild does not automatically update such packages to avoid work loss.
In most cases this is achieved by doing in the package source directory:

  git pull --rebase

==> Building defaults-release@v1
==> defaults-release is being built (use --debug for full output): ok
Using cached build for defaults-release
Using cached build for O2-customization

==> Building sqlite@v3.15.0
==> sqlite is being built (use --debug for full output): ok
Using cached build for sqlite
Using cached build for GCC-Toolchain

==> Building GCC-Toolchain@v10.2.0-alice2
**==> GCC-Toolchain is being built (use --debug for full output): ok **
Using cached build for GCC-Toolchain

==> Building libffi@v3.2.1
**==> libffi is being built (use --debug for full output): ok **
Using cached build for libffi
Using cached build for AliEn-CAs

==> Building Clang@v11.0.0
**==> Clang is being built (use --debug for full output): ok **
Using cached build for Clang
Using cached build for lhapdf

==> Building O2@dev
==> O2 is being built (use --debug for full output): ok

==> Build of O2 successfully completed