Git clone fails when building package depending on OpenSSL1.1.0m (ubuntu 20.04)

Hi experts,

It is funny (not so) that after updating alidist some packages depending on OpenSSL1.1.0m are failing to build due to following problem:

2022-05-12@08:22:54:DEBUG:QualityControl:sqlite:0: + git clone -n --filter=blob:none --reference /home/evdokimov/alice/sw/MIRROR/sqlite /home/evdokimov/alice/sw/SOURCES/sqlite/v3.15.0/v3.15.0
2022-05-12@08:22:54:DEBUG:QualityControl:sqlite:0: Cloning into '/home/evdokimov/alice/sw/SOURCES/sqlite/v3.15.0/v3.15.0'...
2022-05-12@08:22:54:DEBUG:QualityControl:sqlite:0: /usr/lib/git-core/git-remote-https: symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: EC_KEY_free, version OPENSSL_1_1_0
2022-05-12@08:22:54:ERROR:QualityControl:sqlite:0: Error while executing /home/evdokimov/alice/sw/SPECS/ubuntu2004_x86-64/sqlite/v3.15.0-local1/ on `hp-laptop-sevdokim'.

It seems that system git is somehow picking up version of OpenSSL build by aliBuild. I found temporary solution to execute git commands myself with native bash shell where git picks up system OpenSSL files. Then run aliBuild again and wait for fail in next package. However it is pretty annoying. Maybe you know a better solution for that?

Thanks & cheers,

Hi @sevdokim, which aliBuild version are you using (run aliBuild version)? v1.11.0 includes a fix for this behaviour.

Hi @twilken

thank you very much for this info. Updated aliBuild from v1.8.x to v1.11.3, and this is absolutely different experience. Problem is solved.